When we got married about 10 years ago, the wedding planning and searching for wedding vendors was so different. Imagine – not being able to search in Google or read reviews for the company you are hoping to hire for your big day. Honestly, it felt like a challenge to plan a wedding and not a joyful experience.

When we started our own wedding photography studio in 2009, we decided that we will give what we did not have. We want to be the friends our couples could call, email or text for an advice and guidance through the process. Our job is not just the photography the day of the wedding, it is so much more. Getting the beautiful wedding pictures that you will love for the rest of your life is also about creating a wedding day timeline that will make sure no photo opportunity is left behind, and you are having a joyful seamless experience. It is also about giving you a guidance and tips on how to feel and look comfortable in front of the camera, it’s about editing all of the images to ensure you will receive the look you will love.

We are not a huge company that has hundreds of photographers, we are a husband-wife duo. You do not need to choose your photographer and worry that your photographer may change just before the wedding.

Most of today’s photographers are photographing either candid/photo-journalistic, or classic/traditional, or lifestyle portraits. We are different – our style is a mix of classic, candid and romantic photography. We believe that you’ll want photos that are not trendy, but are classically beautiful, timeless, and that will take you right back to the love and romance of your wedding day.

Interested to see more than what we have in our portfolio? We would love to meet you for coffee or Skype and hear it all – your wedding day plans, your style, your worries and your questions!



Upon completing my Music Arts and Theology studies, I decided to follow my passion for photography – and pursued my Photography Arts Degree. Music and photography work in perfect harmony; there must be an image with every sound.
My official career began in 2002 by joining a small, family-owned company in Gurnee. Several years later, I opened my own studio – Wedding Photo World – and Kalina joined the company to form a team, creating Y & K Photography.
As a small boutique studio, our attitude has always been to treat our clients as new friends and family. We would love to get to know you, and learn about you and your needs!
Please read reviews by earlier clients on Wedding Wire and The Knot, and connect with us on Facebook to see how we’ve done.
Photos from my wedding day are something I will always cherish: I hope to work with you to capture the magic of your own day. Thank you for considering Y & K Photography for your needs!


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I started taking an interest in art before I learned to read or write. I loved (and still do!) to paint and draw. I took drawing and oil painting classes for several years throughout high school. I remember “stealing” my father’s 35 mm film camera, walking through the woods and taking pictures, and the prints I repainted on a paper a few days later.
My love for nature led me to obtain my Environmental Protection degree; my love for arts and photography led me in taking photography arts classes – and blessed me to have, what I consider, the best job in the world. I shot my first wedding in 2009 and I found myself drawn to the organized chaos, the happiness and love in people’s eyes, and to each unique moment throughout the day


So, that’s the dry part. And who we really are?

We’re husband and wife and co-photographers – two romantic souls and lovers of love stories. We met through work (surprise!), became friends, and not long after we realized we were in love! We love walking on small-town boardwalks and parks, riding bicycles together with our kids and making home-made pizza together (at least once a week!).


I love playing soccer with our kids

I am the biggest Nikon fan

Tesla is my dream car

I love to listen to loud music

Singing and playing guitar is my hobby

I love BBQ

My favorite desserts are ice cream, chocolate and Kalina’s home-made cakes

I don’t like drinking coffee but my favorite ice cream is the coffee flavored one

I’d rather photograph with flash or strobe

The vows during the ceremony is my favorite part of a wedding day


I’m hopeless romantic

Chocolate and ice cream addict

I love baking healthier sweet treats with our kids (I’d love to share my own gluten free brownie recipe!)

Trying to invent healthy meals for picky kids (have you tried pancakes made of carrots?)

I love Macy’s

Yes, I’m a tree-hugger

I have an organic veggie and flower garden

I’d rather photograph in natural light

I have the affinity for details

The vows during the ceremony is my favorite part of a wedding day


What’s your love story? We’d love to hear it, so send us a note!