Because Love Matters

We have seen too many blogs about wedding day inspiration, decor, details or to show a photographer’s portfolio. This is not this type of blog. This blog is dedicated to all of our couples, and is inspired by their love and happiness that we are lucky to witness every day. The reason why we are wedding photographers. Our couples whose love and friendship is the best gift we could receive.

Each wedding day is unique and beautiful. Although we have been to hundreds of weddings and they always contain the same “steps” (getting ready – ceremony – reception), every wedding day has its own spirit, feelings and beauty, and we love every second. The spark in his eyes when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day… Your parents’ tears when they see you wearing your wedding dress and getting married… The joy on your faces after the first kiss and your official Mr & Mrs… As cheesy as it may sound, this blog is about the love and the soul of a wedding day.

Because Love Matters. Because this world needs more love, more kindness, more happiness. A few pictures won’t change the world and if they make someone smile, laugh or cry from happiness, we have done our job.

We decided to start sharing a few images from each wedding we had the pleasure to photograph (we wish we started this a few years ago!) – emotional moments that made us smile, cry and laugh.


Brittany & Ben’s wedding at Concorde Banquets in Kildeer, Illinois

We will let the pictures tell the story of Brittany & Ben’s beautiful and emotional wedding day. Cheers to happily ever after!



Yanko & Kalina